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What To Look For In a Firearm for Personal Security?

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Selecting a firearm for personal security or home defense can be a daunting but crucial decision. If you’re a first-timer looking to own a weapon for protection, you must be overwhelmed by all the information on the internet.

Hear from the reliable gun broker in St. Louis for firearm-related concerns. Alternatively, read this simple guide on choosing a weapon for personal security.

Types of Firearms

You’ll find two general types of guns: long guns and handguns. The latter is designed for portability and one-handed utilization. Contrary to that, long guns have exceptional stopping power that is lacking in a handgun.

Since you’re buying a gun for personal safety, here’s what you should look for.

How to Pick A Handgun

The design, size, and weight of handguns make them a popular personal defense choice. They’re portable so that you can carry a handgun with minimum exposure and discomfort. Hence, these guns come with weaker cartridges used for repeated shots.

1. Gun Reliability

Reliability should be your first concern when picking a firearm for home or personal security. A reliable firearm would fire accurately and correctly whenever you pull the trigger. A good performance indicates excellent design and manufacturing, high-quality materials, and components.

You can purchase a high-performing firearm at Saint Louis Tactical – the best gun store in St. Louis.

2. Consider Caliber

Caliber selection is one of the hot topics among handgun users, owners, and professionals. The stopping power of a handgun (i.e., pistol) is low; you should make an informed decision for maximum benefit. Consider this:

· Smaller caliber results in higher velocity and reduced recoil to allow faster follow-ups.

· Larger caliber results in slower bullets, increased recoil, and lower follow-ups.

Quick Tip: A .22 caliber, semi-automatic Ruger or pistol is also suitable for home defense.

3. Don’t Forget The Cost

Cost is important. Make sure you pick a firearm that’s under your budget. Don’t burn your wallet because you won’t need to use the firearm every day.

4. Frame Size

You’ll find a plethora of size and shape options in handguns. Some are 2-3 inches long, whereas others can be 12 inches long or more – also called hand cannons. You can opt for a larger frame if personal security is your top concern. The long frame aids accuracy, and the weight reduces recoil and improves follow-ups.

If you’re looking to purchase a handgun, pistol, or other firearms for personal and home security, send us a message. We sell firearms, gun parts and firearm accessories in St. Louis and ship nationwide. Explore our firearm collection or contact us for further assistance.

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