Things You Need to Know About Rifle Optics

Updated: Jul 24

Rifle optics have become a lot more common than before. Professional hunters and even law enforcement agencies increasingly use rifle optics in their operations. However, with several rifle optics available on the market, it can become quite hard to determine the one that fits your purpose.

Some of the best firearms accessories websites in the country are selling quality rifle optics at an affordable price, but they’ll be of no use if you don’t know which one to buy! We’re here to make life easier for you. Here are a few things you need to know about rifle optics.


There are two broad categories of rifle optics available to purchase. One is the telescopic sights or more commonly known as scopes; the other is the reflector sights, which are also termed sights. Scopes use magnification to make the targets appear closer than they are. It helps the user make precise and accurate shots — the chances of hitting the target increase with telescopic sights.

On the other hand, reflector sights don’t enlarge the image of the intended target. They use a single reference point for fast sight acquisition, such as a red dot. Reflectors are commonly used in close-combat situations where you need to aim for multiple targets that are moving at once.

Common Terminology

The various optical terminology experts use while operating rifle optics can be confusing. Here are some of the explanations to make things easier for you.

First is the exit pupil. When holding a scope at arm’s length and pointing at a bright surface in a well-lit area, you’ll experience the exit pupil, which is more of a circle of light. The larger the circle, the brighter the image will seem in the scope.

Field of view is another common term used in rifle optics. It refers to the actual width of your intended target through your score measured in feet or meters. The higher you magnify the target, the smaller the field of view.

Match The Type To Your Intended Purpose

Spending money on rifle optics can be a considerable investment and the last thing you’d want is to buy accessories that don’t fit your purpose. Therefore, it is important to understand your requirements before choosing your optics. Some optics are designed for close-combat shooting and others are manufactured for long-distance precise target shooting.

If you work in law enforcement and are faced with close-combats more than often, then choose an optic that’ll assist in close-combat missions such as reflector sights. On the other hand, if you’re a professional hunter who often engages in long-distance shooting, telescopic sights will be the best companions.

Finding the perfect optic is not as easy as it seems. It is worth speaking to professional rifle owners to understand the ins and outs of the different types of optics. Moreover, please note that optics won’t make you a better shooter overnight. It may take time to adjust to the new accessories before seeing a visible improvement in your shooting capabilities.

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