How Many Types of Firearm Magazines Are There?

Updated: Jul 24

What Are Gun Magazines?

Magazines are ammunition holding and feeding devices for repeating firearms that can be either built into the weapon or attached to the weapon from the outside. Magazines carry multiple rounds, which are then successively pushed into a position where they may be quickly loaded into a barrel chamber of the gun when someone is reloading it.

It holds numerous cartridges in it. It's common to refer to the detachable magazine as a "clip," which is technically incorrect because a clip is an auxiliary item that aids in reloading the magazine. Magazines come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of firearm. Let's look at two of the most common types of gun magazines.

High-Capacity Magazines

The term "high-capacity magazine" refers to a firearm mechanism that can contain more ten rounds of ammunition. A shooter may fire a large number of rounds using these gadgets before having to stop and reload. As many as 100 rounds can be stored in a high-capacity magazine. In contrast, a normal high-capacity magazine holds 30 rounds and costs as low as $8.

There was a time when drum magazines were known for their unreliability. Still, modern technology has improved their performance while also lowering their price tag. Due to this, drum magazines have become more widespread in the consumer market in North America. However, they are still significantly less frequent than normal, lower-capacity magazines.

Standard-Capacity Magazines

Generally speaking, a standard capacity magazine refers to any removable ammo feeding mechanism that is provided with and intended to function in firearms as sold by the manufacturer. It is common to find 15-30-round magazines for semiautomatic rifles and handguns on the market today.

However, limitations on the capacity of magazines place undue costs on responsible weapons owners, who would then be forced to buy extra equipment to operate their guns legally.

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