Finding the Right Ammo for Your Gun: Important Tips

Updated: Jul 24

Have you ever wondered how much ammunition Americans blow through every year?

According to some reports, over 8 billion rounds of ammunition are produced in the US every year. Every person who owns a gun in the country, of which there are over 400 million people, also needs to buy rounds of ammo for their firearms.

The problem is that not every gun owner understands how to find the right ammo for their specific gun. So, here are some tips to help you out!

1. Decide How You Intend to Use it

When you buy a firearm, you likely intend to own and use it for a specific purpose. The case should be the same when you’re buying ammo. Typically, firearm ammo can be used for two main purposes.

· Self-Defense

Nearly half of all American gun owners say that they own a firearm specifically for self-defense. Violent and unprovoked crime rates in the country have been rising for the past few years, and the best way to protect yourself against them is through tactical self-defense. If you intend to use ammo for defense, you should go for buckshot ammo.

· Hunting

Another common purpose of owning a firearm is hunting. There are specific types of ammo you’ll need to use while hunting wild animals. For example, slugs are commonly used in hunting shotguns since they quickly expand and kill the prey.

· Target Practice

People often buy ammo for target practice at shooting ranges. If you’re buying ammo for this purpose, you’ll most likely be using a handgun or a rifle. The best types of ammo for such firearms are FMJ cartridge bullets. They’re cheap and don’t do much damage, making them perfect for practicing with.

2. Research the Types of Ammo

You should also research the different types of bullets there are and the differences between them. You can ask your gun broker to explain these differences to you if need be. Here are some of the most common types you’ll likely come across:

· 9mm

· .22LR

· 12Gauge

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