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Eye Of The Tiger: How to Aim Like a Pro On a Hunt

Aiming is the most important and the most difficult part of hunting. No matter how skilled and experienced you are, there's always something you can still improve. However, aiming doesn't just come from practice. Even if you find the finest firearms accessories in St Louis, it's not enough. You have to be smart about it.

This guide will walk you through the four fundamentals you need to work on to improve your aim. Let's get started.

Training for Accuracy

Before you're ready for more complex aiming (which we'll get to shortly), you have to improve your accuracy. Accuracy is basically a measure of consistency. If your shots consistently hit the same spot, your aiming is accurate. Accurate aiming has a low random error, which will help you every step of the way. Be sure not to change your distance from the target when practicing for accuracy.

Improving Precision

Precision measures how close your firearm's sight is to where the barrel is actually pointing. If your firearm isn't precise, all your shots will miss the target, no matter your accuracy. Get your firearm accessories from a reputable St Louis gun trader.

Accounting For Bullet Drop

Once you've improved your accuracy shooting at targets at a constant distance, it's time to start training yourself for bullet drop. Bullets never travel in a straight line. The longer a bullet stays in the air, the more it "drops" following a curved trajectory. This means that you have to aim higher for targets farther away.

Practice is the only way to learn how much higher to aim for targets at different distances. However, different calibers have different masses and velocities. When learning to account for bullet drops, stick to the same firearm.

Calibrating For Windage

This is probably the most difficult part of aiming. Even the pros have trouble aiming right in heavy winds. This is because you have to consider not one but several factors when calibrating for windage. First, you have to consider the wind speed and the direction of the wind. How far your trajectory will shift depends on the distance from the target and the bullet's mass.

This is why it is important to practice for accuracy indoors or in low winds. It would help if you practiced each of these skills individually—doing it all at once won't get you very far.

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