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Everything To Know About Gun Maintenance

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Every gun enthusiast should be aware that one of the most important aspects of owning a handgun is safety. Guns, whether bolt-action, semi-automatic, or shotguns, are meticulously built precision weapons.

Sediment, small shell pieces, and unburned gunpowder accumulate over time, generating dangerous circumstances and causing firearm threats to the shooter. Furthermore, a gun that has not been properly cleaned can have operational problems. A grimy firing pin, for instance, can generate a weak strike, preventing the primer from burning the cartridge gunpowder.

Whether you use them for sport or strategic operations, weapons are an investment. They can retain their worth quite well if properly maintained. Take a look at this guide to understand some important ways to maintain your firearm.

1. Read the Instructions

No one wants to skim and understand the tedious instruction sheet when you have a brand new gleaming product in front of you. However, not understanding a firearm can be life-threatening. Your user's handbook will instruct you on how to load and dismantle the weapon correctly and maintain it. If you buy a secondhand firearm, you can receive a guidebook by calling the supplier or looking it up on the web.

2. Unload Your Weapon

When you're not using the firearm, make sure it's unloaded. If you possess a CCW license, changing the cartridge once every four to six months is sensible. It's recommended to use your gun every two weeks to ensure it's in tip-top condition.

3. Always Use The Proper Materials

Firearms enthusiasts are known for trying to clean their firearms. This should not be done. When it comes to regular upkeep, items manufactured especially for cleansing, polishing, and safeguarding your firearm are the smartest alternative. A firearm must withstand severe heat, abrasion, and rapid speeds. Therefore, always use the correct cleaning agent.

4. Start Cleaning Your Weapon

To separate thicker chunks of dirt, start by wiping the cartridge with a specialized brush. Soak a piece of cloth in a bore cleaning agent and put it on your weapon. The procedure is to clean the trigger and the handle with a copper or synthetic fibers brush. To completely coat every component, employ a solvent sprayer. The next step is to lubricate your weapon with a sprayer. Depending on the design and style of the gun, different components will require lubrication.

5. The Final Step

The exterior of a firearm needs periodic inspection, which is far simpler than polishing the interior. Corrosion and other visible indications of deterioration can be removed with an oiled towel. Gently wipe your firearm with a rag drenched in firearm grease and give your weapon a shiny new look.

A person shooting a clean firearm

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