Different Types of Firearm Magazines in the USA

Updated: Jul 24

A "magazine" is a storage area for ammo. Different styles, calibers and dimensions are available. The term contemporary firearm magazine comes from the ammo storing mechanism.

They exist in many different forms, ranging from a few cartridges for centerfire swift rifles to multiple rounds for heavy weapons. They are often liable to gun limitation legislation in the United States, attempting to cap the number of rounds they can hold.

Take a look at this guide to understand different types of firearm magazines.

What is a Firearm Magazine?

A magazine is a holding and loading unit for ammo built into or connected to a gun. It can be detachable or installed on the weapon. The magazine's job is to move the rounds it holds into a state where they'll be fed into the storage tank by the gun's trigger.

It has a lot of ammunition in it. The retractable type is commonly referred to as a "clip," which is erroneous since a clip is a supplementary device that helps in refilling the cartridge. Regardless of the model of the gun, magazines are available in a multitude of forms and capacities.

Two Main Types of Firearm Magazine

The following are the two most widespread kinds of firearm magazines on the market:

1. High-Capacity Magazine

A gun component that can hold more than ten cartridges of ammo is a "high-capacity magazine." These devices allow a user to shoot a huge amount of ammunition before reloading. In a high-capacity magazine, up to 100 bullets can be kept. On the other hand, a standard high-capacity magazine contains 30 cartridges.

Percussion magazines once had a bad reputation for being unreliable, but advanced technologies have increased their effectiveness while also cutting their cost. Drum magazines are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial marketplace in North America. They are far less common than regular, lower-capacity magazines.

2. Magazines with a Benchmark Capacity

A conventional capacity magazine refers to any replaceable bullet supplying system included with and designed to work with guns supplied by the vendor. Today it’s become easier to find the 15 to 30 cartridge magazines for modern rifles and pistols.

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