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Ammo Basics: Common Bullet Types

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

According to various estimates, the USA manufactures around 8 billion ammo rounds annually. Gun owners in the country, a demographic of roughly 400 million people, need to buy ammo for their firearms.

It's just as important to understand the mechanics of gun ammo as it is to pick your new pistol. Without the appropriate ammunition, you can't use your gun, and the enormous array of ammunition accessible today can be baffling for most people. Having the appropriate ammo for your gun can help you achieve your target.

Many of the largest gun retailers sell high-quality ammunition and guns and can even assist you in selecting the correct cartridges. It's critical to understand the various aspects of bullets before deciding on the ideal option. Here's a list of helpful tips for selecting the best ammunition for your weapon to assist you. Take a look at this guide to understand the different types of ammo.

1. 22LR Ammunition

The 22LR is widely regarded as the finest all-around combat bullet. Almost every bullet vendor makes the cartridges, and they're accessible for most brands who sell handguns and shotguns with a barrel of 22. 22LR ammunition is ideal for target practice and self-defense.

2. 9mm Ammunition

The 9mm handgun cartridge is by far the most commonly utilized bullet globally. It's ideal for target shooting purposes. They have adequate firepower to penetrate successfully, depending on the proximity, while being easy to shoot and recoil-free.

The 9mm Pistol has grown in popularity as a self-defense weapon as it's lightweight and portable. It's robust ammunition for its caliber, with well-designed projectiles.

3. .308 Ammunition

The .308 Ammunition was first manufactured in 1952, 2 years before NATO adopted the 7.6251micrometres T65. It's a fantastic alternate to the.22LR and 5.56mm cartridges. It's great for hunting trips and can pierce through an animal in an eye.

It's the most widely used sporting ammunition on the planet. Recreational shooting, clay pigeon shooting, skeet shooting, firing competitions, combat sharpshooter, and enforcement pistol marksmanship are common uses.

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