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Accuracy vs. Precision: What's the Difference?

Many people use the terms "accuracy" and "precision" to mean the same thing. However, the two have completely different meanings in tactical gun accessories. The way you increase your accuracy is also completely different from how you improve your precision.

As a leading store for firearm accessories and gun parts in St Louis, we always witness this confusion in our customers. In this article, we explain accuracy and precision and teach you how to work on your accuracy and precision. So without further ado, let's get started!

Accuracy Definition

Accuracy is a measure of randomness. If you have low accuracy and you shoot a lot of bullets on a target board, your shots will be heavily spread out. With high accuracy, all your shots will hit the same spot.

How To Improve Accuracy

Accuracy is mostly determined by your skill. Sure, rifles are more accurate than handguns. However, even if you buy your firearms from the best gun store in St Louis, it won't guarantee perfect accuracy. The only way to improve accuracy is by practicing.

Precision Definition

Precision is a measure of how far your firearm shoots on average from where you're aiming. The key word here is "on average." Precision is mostly determined by your firearm. If you shop from a reputable St Louis gun trader, your firearm will have higher precision.

How To Improve Precision

Let's say you have good accuracy, but your firearm is not precise. If you shoot a round aiming at a target, they'll mostly hit somewhere on one side of the target. This is because even though you're aiming at the target, your firearm is aiming next to it. You can fix this by adjusting your sights to aim at the target. This is called zeroing or sighting-in.

Accuracy is about the random error in your aiming. It measures how spread-out your shots are after shooting a round. On the other hand, precision is about the error in your firearm's sight. It measures how far the average of your shots lies from the target.

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