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A Comprehensive Guide to Gun Ammunition

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Understanding the anatomy of gun ammunition is as important as choosing your next firearm. You can't operate a gun without proper ammunition, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by looking at the sheer number of ammunition available on the market. Matching your gun with the perfect ammunition will help you achieve your intended purpose.

Some of the best firearm accessories websites provide quality ammunition along with guns and will even guide you in choosing the ammunition that fits the bill! Before choosing the right ammunition, it is important to understand the various ins and outs of the accessory. Here, you'll find comprehensive information about gun ammunition.


Several components make up gun ammunition. First is the cartridge, which is a single piece of ammunition that is made up of the following items:

· Bullet

· Casing

· Powder

· Primer

A bullet is a metal projectile expelled during the firing of a cartridge. The casing is the piece that holds all the components intact. It is usually made of brass, and you'll find the bullet in the open end of the casing.

The powder is another important accessory that is used in a cartridge. It helps to push the bullet. The primer ignites the powder, and you'll usually find it on the head of a cartridge. People usually use the terms bullets and cartridges interchangeably. However, both are not the same and serve different purposes.

When operating and firing the gun, all the components work together to fire the round successfully. As soon as you pull the trigger, the firing pin hits the primer, resulting in the gunpowder ignition. The pressure created by the burning powder pushes the bullet down the gun's barrel.

Types Of Ammunition

There are several types of ammunition available in the market. One of the most common types is the full metal jacket ammunition. The rounds have a soft metal core and are surrounded by hard metal, usually copper. Full metal jackets are also known as hardball and are rounded like a ball shape. They are the cheapest available ammunition on the market and are preferred during practice.

The jacketed hollow point or JHP ammunition is known for its defensive capabilities. It consists of a hole through the center, which exposes the soft metal core while being covered with a hard metal jacket. It suppresses the intended target by creating a large wound and stops its projectile movement. These rounds are better equipped in stopping a target and are mainly used by law enforcement officials.

Where To Find Quality Ammunition

Quality firearms and ammunition can be hard to find. There are a lot of gun stores that advertise quality products at affordable prices. However, finding trusted and reliable suppliers of quality ammunition is a hard task. Relying on cheap quality ammunition will not serve your purposes.

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