4 Handgun Shooting Tips for Better Accuracy

Updated: Jul 24

Shooting with a handgun

Military, law enforcement and security officials are not the only ones who can benefit from improving their aim with a handgun. Individuals carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense or other hobbies must also have an accurate shooting aim.

Having a well-placed aim is beneficial regardless of the application you use it for. However, even experienced shooters may struggle to hit a target accurately. Following these handgun shooting tips can help improve your aim immediately.

High and Tight Grip

Though properly holding the handgun is essential to controlling recoil, most shooters tend to get it wrong. When holding a handgun, your grip should be high and tight, which means there should be no gaps between your gun and the flesh when you grip it.

If there are any spaces, it means there's room for the gun to move when it recoils. Make sure the web of your hand goes as high as possible without interfering with the slide. Moreover, your non-dominant hand should fill the space on the grip panel.

The Right Stance

Accurate and fast handgun shooting requires a stable shooting stance. A proper handgun shooting stance will improve trigger control, sight alignment, and recoil management.

The most common handgun stances include the Weaver, the Isosceles, and the Chapman. There's no best stance because all three have different pros and cons. Consider experimenting with different stances and select one you feel most comfortable with.

Using The Front Sight

One of the most common mistakes that beginner shooters make is looking directly at their target. When shooting for pure accuracy, you must line up the front and rear sights. So should focus on the front sight while the rear sights are unclear. Pull the trigger only when you see that your sights are aligned.

Recoil Anticipation

Dry firing (shooting without ammo) is important since recoil anticipation can be a problem for many handgun shooters. That's because it helps build muscle memory that can help overcome recoil anticipation. If you're nervous in recoil anticipation, pull the trigger as if you're dry firing and let the gun do its thing.

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