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3 Things to Consider When Hunting in Wind

The wind is one of the most important things to consider when hunting. Wind speed and direction can affect your hunt in more than one way, and you must plan your hunt strategically. Even if you shop at the best gun store in St Louis, the wind will get you if you're not careful.

Here are three things to consider when hunting in the wind.

Your Scent

Prey animals such as deer and elk are pretty good at smelling danger—both figuratively and literally. They're always on alert for predators that may jump out of the bushes at any moment. They also have a wide field of vision with eyes almost on the opposite sides of the skull. Still, when hunting, you have to be more careful about your scent than anything else.

You have to plan your route such that you're always downwind from the prey. This means the wind should always be blowing from the prey towards you. If you're upwind, the prey will sense your scent and run away.


Accounting for windage is probably your most difficult task if you're a long-range hunter. Depending on wind speed, your bullet's caliber, and velocity, the wind can deflect your shot to the left or right. Even a slight deflection is enough to ruin the hunt when trying to shoot a deer in the heart.

Shooting non-lethal parts of the body that don't kill the prey but make it run and suffer are considered bad shots. Use the finest firearm accessories you can find in St Louis to ensure you make every shot count.

Bullet Drop

When calibrating for bullet drop, the distance to the target is far more important than anything else. However, wind can play a role too. More wind contact with your bullet means more air drag. Air drag lowers the velocity, increases the trajectory time, and increases the drop. A higher wind speed will always increase your bullet drop unless you're upwind.

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