3 Exercises to Enhance Your Shooting Technique

Updated: Jul 24

When it comes to using firearms, the more your practice, the better you get at shooting. Practicing regularly at the range and hours of dry fire improve your shooting techniques. Moreover, some simple exercises can also help regularly and teach you shooting fundamentals.

Trigger Control

To correctly operate the trigger straight to the rear with an accurate sight picture, the shooter’s trigger finger must be isolated from the rest of their hand. They should also work on controlling the muscles of their fingers and the hand.

Since relaxed muscles are easy to move and control, isolating the trigger finger and relaxing the shooting hand ensures improved trigger control. Place your hand on a solid table to tap the trigger finger and while focusing on that finger, make sure to relax the rest of the hand. After some days, practice moving your finger in a scratching manner to get it moving in a motion that’s “straight to the rear”.

Shooting Platform

Having a naturally steady shooting platform is crucial to enhancing your shooting technique. So if you find yourself in an unstable or unbalanced position, simply readjust your posture.

The grip is another important factor of the shooting platform. To alleviate recoil and keep the shooting hand calm, your supporting hand needs to apply most of the force on the firearm. The pressure is created in a clamping motion, like squeezing small stress balls, and you can work on your grip by using them.


Many beginner shooters face difficulty concentrating on the front sight rather than the target at a distance. As a threat would catch your attention in any situation, you must train your focus on the front sight. Training the front-sight focus conditions your brain to trust past experiences to help you survive in a threatening situation.

To practice, you can use your index fingernail as an alternate for the front sight. Next, select a noticeable spot at a distance as your intended target and gradually extend your arm, pointing your finger upward.

As the fingernail interferes with the eye line, change your focal point from the target to the front sight. Make sure the fingernail is placed over the target.

Focusing on the target before shooting

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